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michael  february

michael february


Born in Woodstock, Cape Town in 1993, one year before the country’s rebirth. Woodstock wasn’t always the cool, calm and collected place it is today, so the beach was a better place to be.

By the time Mikey was ten years old he was entirely obsessed with surfing. Hours spent at his folk’s design studio instilled in him a sense of style which he carries on land and in the water. It’s chaos and rhythm. It’s classic but progressive.

Mikey, a relatively unknown name outside of South Africa until 2015 where he burst on the scene at the U.S Open. Quickly coining the name Mr Good Vibes for his iconic style in the surf and easy going approach on land.

MFeb as he’s known by peera validated his surfing by qualifying for the 2018 World Championship League

2019 and Beyond, Is shaping up to be Mikey’s best years yet. While he’s still actively trying to qualify, Mikey is signing international deals with all his sponsors. He’s just started working on his signature film, Nu Rythmo where he’ll be traveling through Africa discovering new waves and cultures. Mikey has fast become a household name and transcends the surf industry. He’s a front runner for South Africa in the Olympics and continues to keep the vibes good

2018 Films Vans: Cant Steal Our Vibe Quiksilver: Generations The Movie

Sponsors: Vans Channel Islands Surfboard

  • Height188
  • Waist79
  • Shoes9.5