Select Atlanta Open Call requirements:

  • Open calls take place every Wednesday at 3:30pm (please do not arrive before 3:20pm).
  • Please do not bring more than 1 person with you if you are under 18 years of age.

Height requirements:

  • Girls 13yrs of age+  (5’7”-5’11.5”)
  • Guys 15yrs of age + (5’10”-6’3”)
  • Curve models (5’9”-5’11.5” / size 10-18)


  • Professional photos are not required.  Please bring 2 current snapshots (1 full length and 1 head shot) that the agency can keep.


  • GIRLS : Please wear skinny jeans or a mini-skirt, a body fitting top, and high heels.  Minimal or no makeup (please no perfumes or scented lotions).
  • GUYS : Please wear fitted jeans or shorts, with a fitted short sleeve shirt (please no cologne).


Open calls are for fashion models only.  All lifestyle and commercial models should submit to